International Journal of Stress Prevention and Wellbeing

The International Journal of Stress Prevention and Wellbeing is a peer reviewed journal.

We publish articles on all aspects of the theory, research and practice of stress prevention and wellbeing:

Stress research: Stress prevention: Stress management: Stress at work: Stress and education: Stress and management: Stress and health: Stress counselling: Stress management training: Health education: Health Promotion: Stress and coaching: Stress and leadership: Locus of control: Type A behaviour: Coping strategies: Change management: Relaxation: Meditation: Mindfulness: Psychophysiology: Biology: Neurobiology and neuroscience of stress: Wellbeing.

The journal will also publish keynote papers, conference reports and book reviews. It will list relevant conferences in stress prevention and wellbeing field.

The lead professional body sponsor of the journal is the International Stress Management Association (UK). ISMA (UK) is a registered charity and the lead professional body for workplace and personal Stress Management, Wellbeing and Performance.