Sponsoring Society: International Stress Management Association (UK) 

The International Stress Management Association (UK) is our lead sponsoring society supporting the International Journal for Stress Prevention and Wellbeing

The role of ISMA since its establishment over 30 years ago is to:

Raise the profile of stress-related issues both in the home and workplace
Combat the stigma often associated with personal stress
Change attitudes towards the management of stress in the world of work
Through our register of professional practitioners, we offer support in the form of training courses and coaching both to individuals as well as to commerce and industry.

Annually, ISMA organises International Stress Awareness Day (formerly known as National stress awareness Day).

Charter for Wellbeing and Performance

As the recognised National Association for Stress Management in the UK, ISMA promotes the Charter for Wellbeing and Performance and trains members in its implementation.


Corporate sponsors

Our corporate sponsors support the International Journal of Stress Prevention and Wellbeing.

Centre for Stress Management, London, UK

Centre for Coaching, London, UK


International Academy for Professional Development Ltd, London, UK